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Scope test page

K New Testament Stories Family & Community Sing, Spell, Read, & Write Science K Saxon K Art/Music/P.E.  
1st Old Testament Stories American Symbols Sing, Spell, Read, & Write Botany Saxon 1 Art/Music/P.E.  
2nd Old/New Testament Stories American Heroes/US Geography Reading & Shurley 2 Marine Biology Saxon 2 Art/Music/P.E.  
3rd Old Testament I Ancient Greece & Rome Reading & Shurley 3 Ornithology/ Entomology Saxon 3 Art/Music/P.E. Latin I
4th Old Testament II Middle Ages Reading & Shurley 4 Meteorology/ Astronomy Saxon 4 Art/Music/P.E. Latin II
5th New Testament American History I Reading & Shurley 5 World Geography Saxon 5 Art/Music/P.E. Latin III
6th Overview of Bible American History II Reading & Shurley 6 General Sciences Saxon 6 Art/Music/P.E. Latin IV
Egyptian Old Testament Survey I Ancient Civilization I English-Early Epics Life Science Pre-Algebra Grammar & Writing Lab Logic
Greek Old Testament Survey II Ancient Civilization II Greek Classical Literature Earth Science Algebra 1 Grammar & Writing Lab Logic
Roman New Testament Survey Western Civilization I Roman Classical Literature Physical Science Algebra 2 Grammar & Writing Lab Logic
Medieval Church History I Western Civilization II Medieval Literature Biology Geometry Foreign Language Rhetoric
American Church History II American History American Literature Chemistry Pre-Calculas Foreign Language Rhetoric
European Comparative Religion European History European Literature Physics Calculus Foreign Language Senior Thesis