Dominique Kerins

8th – 10th Grade Science & 9th & 10th Grade Physical Education

Mrs. Kerins earned her Masters degree in Philosophy at Boston College after receiving a B.S. in Biology (and a minor in Philosophy) at Framingham State College in Massachusetts. Dominique has been teaching philosophy, French, and related courses in the sciences and humanities departments for higher educational institutions, as well as for private secondary schools since 2009. She is passionate about nature, philosophy and travel. As a dual citizen of France, she speaks French, has taught in France, and continues to share rich cultural traditions with her family, both in the USA and abroad. She and her husband, Bill, have been married since 2015 and have three children together: William, Dylan and Lillian; Will is starting Kindergarten at SJA this year. Fairly new to Florida (as of 2021) the Kerins family savors the climate and culture of Florida; they very much look forward to seeing their children (and other children) grow and learn at SJA.